Atacama 2018

From 400 m to 4000 m

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Originally, we planned this year’s expedition to be a quick “data downloading, datalogger replacement and sampling attack on the mountain” - maybe with only two expedition members. But the chance to work on this remarkable mountain proved to be a great opportunity for other colleagues, too. So, our goals and the number of expedition members have also increased - as far as the number of seats in the 4WD allowed for.

From Copiapó (capital city of Atacama (III.) Region) we are heading to the edge of Puna de Atacama. Today was a busy day in Copiapó: meetings at CCIRA, at CONAF. Also, shopping for food, water and gas supplies for our two weeks stay on the mountain. This means 400 kg cargo for our 4WD.

Getting the right supplies is a crucial question for the expedition

During the day we drove upto 4000 m a.s.l. but descended lower to 3770 m to the area of the Maricunga salty desert, where we spend the next two nights by the Laguna Santa Rosa. (uppermost image)